Le CMCC est labellisé entreprise socialement responsable

How to engage the CMCC

The CMCC gets engaged based on a written mediation request which has to indicate the following information: 


  • surname, first name, function or company name and address as well as both parties’ phone numbers and advisors, 
  • short summary of the dispute, both parties’ views or in case of a unilateral request only the view of the party approaching the CMCC.


The CMCC informs the parties about its engagement and provides them with the Mediation Rules.


The parties have 15 days to answer. In case of not receiving any answer from a party or receiving an express refusal of the mediation proposal, the dossier is closed immediately.


Additional information

Mediation Agreement



Mediation Rules

CMCC_ Mediation Rules.pdf


CMCC information leaflet