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Who are the mediators?

The mediators are chosen from a list of accredited mediators which is kept by the CMCC. The choice is based on the dispute’s nature and the parties’ expressed request. 

The mediator meets the required selection criteria and complies with the recommended deontological code passed by the CMCC. The mediators chosen this way come from all economic sectors (general managers, lawyers, advocates, accountants, auditors, engineers, …)


They are selected based on two major criteria:

  • their professional skills and their knowledge of the business world in general and
  • their knowledge and abilities to master the specific process of mediation.


The accredited mediators participate in on-going training courses. Respective training is organized by the CMCC together with other mediation centres.


These training courses are open for each professional who wants to get familiar with the mediation process, spirit, and techniques.


Mediators at the CMCC

List of accredited mediators